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Primitive Grooming is a specialist in lice removal is hired privately for treatment at home.
To pay alguen specializing in lice it is a very good alternative if you’re tired from fighting with lice your child or if you are the one is infested.
Many satisfied customers say the best part of visiting a specialist (in addition to getting rid of lice) is ending with fear and shame associated with having head lice.

The price of the service is not a disadvantage. Considering the money spent on useless products and time involved for beginners, it will not cost quite expensive. and our desire to teach will not have to go back more than once.

How do the lice specialized services?
If you want to try a lice removal service, make an appointment the same day you discover that your child has lice or as soon as possible because the sooner treatment starts will be easier to remove them. And you’ll be amazed how quickly shifts exhausted when there is an outbreak of head lice.

The whole family will have to be revised, and treated if necessary. It will thoroughly comb each family member. When they discover who is infested, they can begin a treatment to kill head lice. Change clothes after treatment.

You need comb at least once, about a week after the first treatment, to make you a new manner that ensures complete removal of lice and nits. A huge benefit of going to a specialist is that you have a good observe how the lice comb. The lesson will be useful to use the lice comb at home, either now or as a preventive measure the next time one of the classmates of your child has lice.
You can also ask your friends, neighbors or the school you for recommendations.

What is the cost of these rooms and services?
They charge hourly rates $ 70; and large groups such as schools charge a fixed amount for the various services they offer, such as lice detection, cleaning fine comb and a full treatment fee. You’ll pay more if you have time to deal with a long hair, thick or curly.

If the price is very high, we have a package of products for do it yourself. (The Nit Pick: $ 15 Neem Oil: $ 10) Our service will sell the acietes and combs, and will allow you witness a demonstration so you can hang yourself comb at home.

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