School Services

Lice-Free Insurance, 3 options for Schools or Large Groups only.

  • Lice Screenings ($3/Student)-  Lice screening is appropriate when a  handful of heavy cases are unnoticed.  This affordable option identifies average to heavy infestations with a 2-6 minute head scan.  For this service we require that students have their hair detangled and that hair accessories be removed prior to screening.
  • Lice Checks ($15/Student:  Price includes a personal Nit Pick for each student)- Lice checks are the most thorough school offer.  After moistening the student’s hair, the technician completes a louse/nit detection comb through.  Expect us to spend between 2 & 15 minutes on each student.   Comb is stored in labeled baggie, and may remain at school for subsequent school-wide lice checks or be sent home with student.  We find 99% of cases with this method!
  • Lice Education– Complimentary, 30 minute informational session detailing our lice removal process, including a demonstration and Q & A session.  We make The Nit Pick comb available for purchase at a discount  ($12 /comb)

Lice Control Packages: click for School Flyer

Lice screening for all students the same day!