Lice facts

Head lice… 90 percent of the solution is removing lice/nits from the head.  Less than 10 percent of the issue will be solved through delousing the environment.  Many of our clients unnecessarily apply expensive and toxic products to the head, and go overboard on housecleaning before we arrive.  Primitive Grooming’s Nit Pick System is based on the lice life cycle and on efficient thorough lice/egg removal.

If you are reading this:  You have arrived at the solution.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment for service with Primitive Grooming, or to purchase The (Do It Yourself) Nit Pick System.  See More Details at

We offer a free lice/egg identification. (if you have a question about any debris you have combed off the hair, send it in the mail to us, or save it for your appointment to help in confirming/denying it’s lousiness) or pull a couple of strands of hair and tape them to a paper. Include this with a self addressed stamped envelope and send to: Department Of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Laboratory of Public Health, 655 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass, 02115-6021. As long as you provide a return envelope they will examine the hair and send you a reply in a few days.