I found lice!

Have you found a case of head lice in your household? Don’t worry, it’s going to be O.K.! We specialize in bringing a lighthearted presence to your situation in our private home studio or the comfort of your own home.

Our hourly rate is $70/hour.  For service in our studio, please bring your Nit Pick comb if you have one you would like us to use or plan to purchase one from us for $15.  Treatment for most families takes under 2.5 hours.  We offer complimentary light snacks/beverages and coloring sheets to keep families comfortable in our relaxed and spacious studio.

At your request we will travel to your site and check/treat your family for head lice.  We charge a flat travel fee of $30 (for distances under 25 miles one way) $15/comb+$70/hr (one hour minimum)

You may prepare for our arrival by clearing a section of your table, emptying one side of the kitchen sink, detangling everyone’s hair, and putting your feet up.

At Primitive Grooming, we are calm and knowledgeable experts that will remove lice and restore peace of mind to your household.   We check all family members for any evidence of lice, and offer our knowledge to help the family become proactive and prevent future infestations.  Fortunately, the information you will learn from us will save you time and money!!

Our clients each have a role to play in lice removal.  We like to interact with clients of all ages, as we share our manual combing method (results-based and scientifically-driven!) we will apply natural products that help end the infestation ( examples include: neem oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and essential oils including: rosemary, lavender, tea tree, and peppermint) and do a thorough comb-through removal with our superior comb, The Nit Pick.  This process ends any lice isolation and uncertainty:   with an immediate ticket back into school and socializing.  For wiggly clients, we recommend parents prepare healthy snacks in advance, to accompany their treatment.

We are described by our clients as efficient, meticulous, and calming. Same day appointments may be available! The total time spent/charge can vary depending on the number of family members, the kind of hair, and the severity of the case.

Discretely helpful,

Ellen Brett